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Allegiant RV provides a wide range of services; pretty much everything you could ask for. These include but are not limited to;

Allegiant RV Repair & Maintenance

Allegiant RV is a tried and tested leader in diagnosing and repairing any RV malfunctions or breakdowns. Allegiant has specially designed lifts, and bays to allow us to move freely around any RV for detailed troubleshooting and comprehensive servicing. We even offer ride performance assessment where we test your RV to identify areas that can be improved upon for better handling.

List of Products We Service

Fifth Wheels

Hybrid Trilers

Travel Trailers

Park Trailers

Toy Haulers

Allegiant can be trusted to professionally address the following RV repairs;

  • Slide-out adjustment and repair
  • Exterior RV paint and bodywork
  • Electric and hydraulic repairs for RV’s
  • Exterior RV sealing
  • Brake adjustment
  • Wheel bearing repack
  • RV Collision repair
  • Axle replacement
  • Sound proofing
  • Awning repair or replacement
  • Inverter installation
  • Underbelly repair or installation
  • Water pump
  • Pre-delivery inspections

RV Proofing

Animals and unwanted pests love RVs. And, why not? RV’s are warm, cozy, and most importantly, provide shelter from outside elements. At Allegiant, we specialize in proofing RV’s so you don’t end up with any unwanted company on your trips. Whether you’re looking to childproof your RV to prevent injuries when traveling with the family or pest proof a pet trailer to keep away bees, moths, snakes, and all kinds of insects, Allegiant RVs has you covered. Call us today for;

RV Replacements and New Installations

Are you looking to replace the RV floor or add a new appliance? Perhaps the roof of your RV is worn out due to weather and age. Or maybe you’d like to install a washer/dryer in an RV that previously didn’t have these appliances. Allegiant RV is a specialist in all types of RV replacements and repairs. We provide affordable replacement and installation of;

RV Customization

Every RV owner wants their vehicle to look unique. This often means adding a few bells and whistles as well as designing certain elements of the RV in ways that define your personality. Allegiant can help with that too. From fitting every part in the right position for optimal use of space, it’s what we do. We can even install distinctive features inside the RV to bring definition to the space. Other customization options include;

Special Services from Allegiant RV

Allegiant RV also offers extras aimed at improving both RV performance and occupant comfort. For instance, we provide routine appliance maintenance and testing to ensure that your RV washer, dryer, heating system, and refrigerator are working perfectly. At Allegiant RV, we also offer water sanitization, water system leak and flow testing, and water pressure testing services to make sure that you never run out of clean water during your RV trip. Other extras include;